Full-time positions are now available, with flexibility for those who are not able to begin working immediately. These positions offer the opportunity for active involvement in providing high-quality data and analytical products to the American public, academia, government agencies, international organizations, and beyond.

Appropriate educational backgrounds for these opportunities in the Population Division include sociology, demography, statistics, and other related social sciences. Candidates must have bachelors, masters, or doctoral degrees. Salaries for permanent positions reflect experience and the level of education completed. All positions require U.S. citizenship.The Population Division’s work covers a wide range of subject matter areas and projects.


Sex and Age Statistics Branch

Studies changes in the age and sex composition of the U.S. population. Responsible for the technical planning, developmental work, and analysis of data pertaining to sex and age collected in the decennial census, American Community Survey (ACS) and Current Population Survey (CPS). Initiates and conducts research designed to develop methods and techniques to improve the coverage, as well as the quality of data. Plans and conducts the technical and analytical work for decennial censuses, pretests, and surveys, as well as working with federal interagency groups and other organizations on issues related to sex, gender, age and aging. Prepares analytical, interpretive, and technical publications, reports, table packages and presentations for a variety of audiences.

Contact: Amy Symens Smith atamy.symens.smith@census.gov or 301-763-6139.

Foreign-Born Population Branch

Provides an accurate and timely profile of the foreign-born population living in the United States. Analyzes the impact of migration by assessing the effects of international migration and secondary migration on receiving areas in the United States. Derives measures of the impact and provides findings from these measures. Reviews and clears data on the foreign-born population from both the ACS and the CPS. Coordinates statistics on characteristics of the foreign born with both federal and international agencies. Disseminates information about the foreign-born population through published reports, table packages, and presentations. Provides analytical and interpretive reports and papers for professional societies and technical publications.

Contact: Stephanie Ewert atstephanie.ewert@census.gov or 301-761-1581

Net International Migration Branch

Produces annual estimates of international migration flows to and from the United States, as inputs to population estimates produced by the Population Division. This position works with large data sets to develop estimates of the magnitude and characteristics of migration flows to and from the United States at the national and subnational levels. This position also conducts research on different methodologies for estimating the components of international migration, evaluates U.S. Census Bureau and alternative data sources for use as inputs/benchmarks, and prepares/presents analytical reports and papers for public release and professional meetings.

Contact: Jason Schachter atjason.p.schachter@census.gov or 301-763-8869

Population Evaluation, Analysis, and Projections Branch

Directs, coordinates, and ensures methodological development, enhancement, integrity, and consistency throughout the entire estimates and projections area. Directs, coordinates, and implements the technical and developmental work required to project the population of the United States and its geographic subdivisions by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin. Conducts fundamental research on the quality of the components of population change and the characteristics of population estimates at all geographic levels of estimation. Conducts research on the techniques of population forecasting, including research on the probabilistic uncertainty of population forecasts, and the projection of additional attributes, such as nativity or household composition. Uses innovative techniques and data from censuses, surveys, administrative records, and special sources to develop population projections and improved population estimates.

Contact: Chris Dick at christopher.dick@census.gov or 301-763-7307

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