Major Restrictions for Fall Registration

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Biology (BIOL)

BIOL 1510 Restricted to the following majors until Saturday, August 10:  BCHM, BIO, CHBE, CHEM, ENVE, PSY, UCS

Chemistry (CHEM)

CHEM 1211K
Restricted to the following majors until Friday, August 16 at 8pm:  BCHM, BIOL, BMED, CHBE, CHEM, EAS, MSE, PSYC, UCS, UEC
Offered with no restrictions in spring (NOT offered in summer)
Section A08 is restricted to members of a living/learning community until Phase II. Permits are not available.

CHEM 1212K
Restricted to the following majors until Friday, August 16 at 8pm:  BCHM, BIOL, BMED, CHBE, CHEM, EAS, MSE, PSYC, UCS, UEC
Offered with no restrictions in spring and summer

CHEM 1310
Restricted to the following majors until Friday, August 16 at 8pm:  AE, PHYS, CE, CMPE, CS, EE, ENVE, IE, ME, NRE, UEC
Offered with no restrictions in spring and summer
CHEM 1310 HP, HP1, and HP2 are restricted to Honors Program students only.  Permits are not available.

First year students entering with more than 30 credit hours are listed as SO rather than FR. They will receive a "CLASS" restriction error if they attempt to register, but they are eligible to register for all three classes.  Students can request permits via Oscar or see the freshman chemistry representative in the library registration cluster.

Computer Science (CS)

We will open additional seats in the three Intro CS courses (CS 1315, CS 1301, and CS 1371) during each FASET session. Below is information regarding restrictions for the three courses.

CS 1301:

Computer Science, Computational Media, and all majors under College of Sciences can register during freshmen FASET registration. Freshmen Industrial Engineering majors should take CS 1301 in the spring. CS will consider on a case-by-case basis any Industrial Engineering freshman bringing in an exceptional number of AP/dual enrollment hours. Students in this situation can email their names and gtid numbers to for permit consideration. For other students, any remaining seats will be open to all majors after the last FASET session.

CS 1315:

Is open to all appropriate majors.

Earth and Atmospheric Science (EAS)

EAS has 3 lab courses at the freshmen level [EAS 1600 A & B, 1601] with a total of 25 labs to choose from. In order to give all students an opportunity to register for our classes, 1-2 spaces per lab will be opened for each FASET session. 24 is the max for each lab.

If needed, we can add 1 or 2 lab sections for EAS 1600B, but that decision won't be made until later. There are no restrictions on these courses.

Also note EAS 1601 can be taken before EAS 1600.

International Affairs (INTA)

The following INTA courses are major-restricted until Monday, August 19 at noon.

· INTA 1110 - Intro to International Relations

· INTA 2010 - Empirical Methods

· INTA 2040 - Science, Technology and International Affairs

· INTA 3110 - US Foreign Policy

· INTA 3203 - Comparative Politics

· INTA 3301 - International Political Economy

Mathematics (MATH)

MATH 1711 and 1712 restricted for Ivan Allen College and Business majors

Modern Languages (ML)

FREN and SPAN courses will be restricted to ALIS, GEML and IAML majors and students in IAC majors with language requirements until August 16.

Students with DECLARED minors in FREN or SPAN, or IP students studying those languages can ask for a permit via to get in while the restrictions are in place.

Scheller College of Business (COB)

MGT 2106: restricted BA (Business Administration) majors only
MGT 2200: restricted BA (Business Administration), BC (Building and Construction), UACB (Undeclared Pre-Building Construction) majors only
MGT 2250: restricted BA (Business Administration) majors only

The major restriction will be removed at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 17.

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