Safe Space I

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Safe Space Training
Friday, April 20
12:00 - 2:00 PM
Student Center Cypress
To sign up go to & Look for the Safe Space tab on the left under programs

Safe Space Program
The main objectives of these programs are: (a) to provide a supportive environment for LGBTQ members of the campus community, (b) to facilitate their "coming out" process, (c) to foster a social climate in which others do not feel the need to express anti-gay attitudes in order to "fit in," (d) to dispel negative stereotypes and present factually accurate information about LGBTQ people, and (e) to publicize other support resources or structures that are available on or off campus.

Participation in the safe space program will be entirely voluntary and open to all Georgia Tech faculty, staff, and students.

The creation of such an environment does not benefit only LGBTQ students. Studies have shown that, in some cases, anti-gay attitudes arise from a psychological need to manifest values or opinions shared by a person's immediate social environment in order to gain acceptance and friendship. Conversely, empirical research has also shown that prejudice diminishes under conditions of equal status, common goals, shared values, cooperation, and ongoing, moderate intimacy. Thus, safe space programs foster an environment that is beneficial to the campus community as a whole.

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